Achal Anchrol M.D.

Achal Achrol


Assistant Professor of Neurosiences and Neurosurgey
Director, Neurovascular Surgery
Director, Neurosurgery Clinical Trials Program

Dr. Achrol is Chief of the Glioma Surgery Program and Director of the Neurosurgery Clinical Trials Program at the John Wayne Cancer Institute.  He also serves as Director of Neurovascular Surgery and Neurocritical Care at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Achrol specializes in minimally-invasive keyhole and microvascular neurosurgery, using advanced neuroimaging and stereotactic navigation techniques to safely remove even the most difficult brain lesions. As an academic neurosurgeon and physician scientist, Dr. Achrol is committed to leading translational research programs that advance treatment options for patients suffering from brain tumors, stroke, intracranial aneurysms and vascular malformations.  These research programs offer patients access to advanced clinical trials in personalized medicine and precision therapy, including immunotherapy (check point inhibitors, cancer vaccines, oncolytic virus therapy), genome-guided targeted molecular therapies, and cell-based therapies including stem cell therapies for neuro-recovery. Dr. Achrol has evaluated thousands of patients with brain tumors, strokes and vascular malformations, and directly participated in over a thousand neurosurgical operations for the treatment of these patients. Dr. Achrol has published extensively in the medical literature, routinely lectures nationally and internationally, and has received numerous awards for his work.