SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AUGUST 31, 2021) – Skin cancer specialist Kim Margolin, M.D., known for groundbreaking treatment and research in metastatic cancers, will join the research team at the renowned Saint John’s Cancer Institute.

Dr. Margolin, a medical oncologist and professor of medical oncology, has an extensive background in melanoma, developing innovative treatments at City of Hope. Her work has advanced the understanding of targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and cancer recurrence.

“It is my belief that to advance capabilities in the clinical setting, we must pursue and support greater research efforts and clinical trials,” Dr. Margolin said. “Discoveries and breakthroughs are maximized when we combine clinical knowledge with real-time scientific analysis, which are well supported at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute.”

Dr. Margolin brings nearly 40 years of experience to the Cancer Institute, associated with Providence Saint John’s Cancer Center in Santa Monica. The institute is a comprehensive oncology research facility that investigates various diseases, including cutaneous melanoma, urologic, thoracic, endocrine, breast, and neurologic cancers.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Margolin to the Saint John’s Cancer Institute. A brilliant physician and scientist, she brings decades of research and clinical expertise in cutaneous oncology,” said Neil Martin, M.D., interim executive medical director of the institute and a neurosurgeon at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. “Among her notable accomplishments is her central role in the development of drug innovations such as Ipilimumab—a highly effective immunotherapy medicine. Expanding our team to include Dr. Margolin ensures our research and fellowship programs are supported by the best oncologists and researchers in the industry.”

The institute, which is expanding its centers of excellence, currently supports translational molecular medicine, genomic sequencing, nanomedicine, epigenetics, and computational biology departments. The institute partners and collaborates with dozens of international academic and industry institutions, sharing knowledge and technical resources.

Dr. Margolin will become part of Saint John’s Physician Partners, seeing patients and supporting its vast network of physicians and specialists at more than 40 locations in Southern California. “I am looking forward to working with all the Saint John’s clinical teams and scientists,” Dr. Margolin said. “Saint John’s Physician Partners’ vast clinical departments as well as the cancer institute’s research, trials and fellowship programs are exceptional, which ultimately benefits outcomes of cancer patients.”

Katie Kerr, associate vice president of the Saint John’s Physician Partners, echoed Dr. Margolin’s sentiments.

“We have been blessed with having so many of the best oncologists and specialists support our network,” Kerr said. “The clinical expertise and depth of compassion Dr. Margolin brings is a model and a continuing example of our mission to elevate patient care.”

About the Saint John’s Cancer Institute
Saint John’s Cancer Institute (formerly John Wayne Cancer Institute) is a world-class oncology research facility located in Santa Monica, California, that is dedicated to the understanding, diagnosis, and innovative treatment of cancer. Since its affiliation with Saint John’s Health Center 30 years ago, the institute combines the exceptional quality of Saint John’s medical staff and hospital with translational research, fellowships, and extensive global collaboration. Leading the remarkable charge of the institute was the late Donald L. Morton, M.D., whose persistent, scientific questioning of the role of the immune system in fighting cancer led to significant advances throughout his decorated career. The Saint John’s Cancer Institute also holds many patents involving noncoding RNA as a biomarker, molecular lymphatic mapping, and predicting melanoma recurrence. The institute is located across from the Saint John’s Health Center—a premier healthcare facility that proudly serves the community and surrounding areas.

About Saint John’s Physician Partners
Saint John’s Physician Partners is a medical foundation that maintains more than 40 treatment locations in Southern California, employing more than 200 physicians, including primary care physicians as well as medical and surgical specialists. They follow the Providence mission of outreach and values of compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, and integrity, serve as pillars for care providers who celebrate the gifts in one another, respect individuals and support the most vulnerable. Saint John’s Physician Partners is proud to care for the communities it serves and works each day to promote compassion and clinical excellence.

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