In an Annual Event, Providence Saint John’s Embraces Community for A Day of Celebration

Sunday, June 9th, was National Cancer Survivor’s Day, and at Providence, Saint John’s Health Center, we celebrated this day with the community. Music, food, tai chi, and cancer groups gathered inside and outside the hospital with thrivers and healthcare professionals to celebrate common goals.

“That’s what the goal should be; to optimize health at every stage from active treatment to all the years after that.”

– Dr. Ora Gordon

In cancer, survivorship focuses on the health and well-being of a person with cancer from the time of diagnosis until the end of life.

Mayor, Phil Brock, and Mayor Pro Tem, Lana Negrete - Saint John's Health Center
Mayor, Phil Brock hands the microphone to Lana Negrete (Mayor Pro Tem and Breast Cancer Survivor) at Saint John’s Health Center.
We were graced by Mayor Phil Brock and Mayor Pro Tem Lana Negrete of Santa Monica, who commemorated the day with speeches. Pro Tem Mayor, a current thriver of breast cancer at the Margie Petersen Breast Center at Providence, spoke of her knowledge and experience living with cancer to the importance of community healthcare hospitals working at the local level are. Mayor Brock highlighted how pivotal research is in the medical advancements for cancer treatments are and how these treatments foster progress in our community. “We can’t necessarily stop cancer, but we can make it survivable,” says Mayor Phil Brock.

“It’s this community here. I always say this is the club we never want to be a part of but, I got to tell you, I have met the most phenomenal people in this club, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

– Mayor Pro Tem Lana Negrete

Shanthi Gowrinathan, MD speaks at the National Cancer Survivors Day event
Shanthi Gowrinathan, MD speaks at the National Cancer Survivors Day event.
Also in attendance were directors of our cancer programs that comprise Providence’s multi-disciplinary teams and tumor boards. Director of the Margie Petersen Breast Center, Janie Grumley, MD; Director of the Women’s Health and Wellness Center, Tiffany Grunwald, MD; Director of Neuro-oncology at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, Akansha Sharma, MD; Director of Translational Urologic Oncology and robotic surgeon, Jennifer Linehan, MD; Director of Genetics and Cancer Services at Saint John’s Cancer Institute and the Disney Family Cancer Center, Ora Gordon, MD; Director of Medical Oncology of Melanoma and Cutaneous Skin Cancers, Kim Margolin, MD; and the Director of Cancer Support Services, Shanthi Gowrinathan, MD who was responsible for the putting on our bespoke mini-fair, and to her—thank you.

“This love is what we bring every day. The work that we do is wonderful because we get to watch you rise.”

– Dr. Shanthi Gowrinathan

Michael Ricks, CEO of Saint John’s Health Center and Saint John’s Cancer Institute, was also present, mingling and speaking with community thrivers. Outside collaborators included the American Cancer Society, We Spark, The YMCA, Cancer Support Community Los Angeles, Wise & Healthy Aging, LA Jewish Health, and Sharsheret.

“We are here in celebration of life.”

– Dr. Ora Gordon

Keynote Speakers on National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivor’s Day at Saint John’s Health Center

National Cancer Survivors Day was a day to remember our commitment to our community to continue offering outstanding healthcare to everyone no matter where they are in their journey and to ease the way from initial diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and post-recovery. It was a day of joy, connection, and promise—a promise we will continue to make well into the future.

“I am grateful to this community. You have expanded my awareness.”

– Mayor Pro Tem Lana Negrete

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