“One in fourteen Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their life,” says expert Sara Belton, Ph.D., and nurse navigator for the Lung Screening Program at Saint John’s Health Center.

What is the Lung Screening Program?

The lung screening program at Saint John’s Health Center is for smokers to help identify cancer early, thereby providing greater treatment options and improved outcomes. According to Dr. Robert McKenna, “lung screening has been proven to make a difference.”

Dr. McKenna is an internationally renowned thoracic surgeon, who has dedicated over 2 decades in General Thoracic surgery research and clinical care. He has produced more than 250 peer-reviewed publications about many different areas of Thoracic Surgery and 2 textbooks in Thoracic Surgery. His book, the Atlas of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery, is a landmark publication in the field of video-assisted thoracic surgery.

Learn more about minimally invasive chest surgery and thoracic surgical oncology, the care team, and additional information about the screening program.

Should you get Lung Screening?

The lung screening program is for anyone between the ages 50-77 years old, smoked for at least 20-pack years, is currently smoking, or quit smoking within the past 15 years, and has no symptoms of lung cancer.

How do you get Screened for Lung Cancer?

Contact our Nurse Navigator to see if you qualify for our screening program or if you have further questions. If you qualify, a low-dose CT scan and clinic appointment is scheduled for you, and our physician will review the CT scan and discuss your results and next steps. Our Nurse Navigator will help guide you through the process and arrange any follow up that is needed.

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Listen to Sara Belton, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert McKenna explain the value of the Lung Screening Program

Sara Belton, Ph.D. speaks to Saint John’s Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California.

Doctor Talk: World No Tobacco Day – Webinar

Tuesday, May 31st 2022 | 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Learn how to determine your risk for lung cancer and understand how the lung screening process works in an upcoming webinar.

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