A Culmination of Expertise in the Fields of Oncology: 2022 Academic Year

In 2022, Saint John’s Cancer Institute published 90 peer-reviewed research studies across more than a dozen key specialties and subspecialties, developed by 39 scientists and clinicians. Studies were far reaching, involving collaborations with other cancer centers in the USA and internationally to elucidate today’s oncology related questions with research-driven answers.

Our clinicians specialize in Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Melanoma and Cutaneous Oncology, Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Neuroscience and Brain Tumors (Glioblastoma/Metastatic Brain Cancer), Immunotherapy, Gastrointestinal Tumors and Disorders, Thyroid/Parathyroid Cancer, Endocrine Tumors and Disorders, Thoracic Diseases and Tumors, Pancreatic Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Liver Cancer, Neuroendocrine Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Genetic Disorders, and more. Their process involves working alongside our researchers who specialize in Translational Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Epigenetics, Computational Biology, and Next Generation Sequencing. Also, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, in 2022, programs were switched to accommodate patient care and research at Saint John’s Health Center.

Genomic CorrelationsTogether, they form a niche enclave of diverse practitioners and researchers looking for effective ways to improve medicine, and by that, the lives of cancer patients.

Some studies were fellowship-driven, where fellows training in translational, urologic, breast, molecular genetics, brain, and complex general surgical oncology, pursued their own research under the guidance of their mentors…professors and our leading scientists.

How does research and collaboration improve outcomes in the clinic?

There are several ways research improves the lives of our patients from medical advancements; meanwhile the greater benefits of research findings extend beyond our community. Research aims to guide clinical practices. The best visage of that is captured in patient vignettes; we see the rare stories of our patients painting the internal struggle of overcoming one’s cancer, while relying on a team of individuals, some of whom are working behind the scenes. This includes surgeons, nurses, therapists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, data scientists, clinical chemists, geneticists, and their respective support program administrators.

Thank you to our researchers, clinicians, fellows in training, and administrators. Through you, we are honored to be part of the impact you are making.

SJCI maintains its legacy of academic creativity and productivity with its robust, continuous volume of peer-reviewed publications. Our oncology clinicians and scientists strive unwaveringly to contribute knowledge focused on improving the standard of care for our cancer patients today, and collaborations with other institutes for innovative translational and clinical medicine. Cure of cancer is the hallmark of this institution.

– Dr. Neil Martin, Medical Director, Saint John’s Cancer Institute, and Neurosurgeon.

The SJCI 2022 annual publication report covers various oncology fields from scientists and clinicians at SJCI demonstrating our continual devotion in striving for improving patient care and finding innovative approaches in curing cancer. The publications show our collaborative aspects of translational oncology research with cancer centers around the world.

-Dr. Dave SB Hoon, Director of SJCI Translational Research

SJCI 2022 Research Report
Saint John’s Cancer Institute 2022 Research Report – Faculty Publications

Download the Saint John’s Cancer Institute Research Spotlight 2022, Academic Year of Peer-Reviewed Publications

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