Since the onset of COVID-19, our team at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute, continued to meet the needs of our cancer patients every day. We discovered that when faced with what seemed like insurmountable challenges, our team successfully met them head on. Fear became familiarity, and familiarity became confidence. Our team remained committed to our patients by not only ensuring safe, in-person surgical consultations, but also offering virtual telehealth appointments, when appropriate.

Telehealth Advancements

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, our patients are able to have surgical consultations with their doctors through HIPAA compliant Zoom calls, and even view 3D digital models of their CT scans and MRIs using Ceevra’s AI-driven 3D models. This advancement is particularly helpful for cancer patients because people who have cancer (or who are getting cancer treatment) often have a higher risk of getting an infection, so many prefer to have surgical consultations over Zoom, when appropriate. Thanks to our partnership with Ceevra, our surgeons can educate and connect with their patients over video, by sharing 3D models of their unique anatomy and the proposed course of treatment.

How Ceevra’s 3D Digital Images work with Telehealth

Most cancer surgeons use CT scans and MRIs – which are 2D and greyscale – to explain to patients their condition and the recommended surgery to treat it. This type of imaging can be difficult for many patients to understand, especially when the consultation is being done over video.

Ceevra’s digital models, in contrast, are shown during the telehealth consultation in a multi-color, 3D format. The surgeon can rotate the model, zoom in and out, and show or hide structures based on what’s most important for that patient. This format makes it much easier for the surgeon to explain the patient’s condition, and for the patient to understand it.

Watch Dr. Jennifer Linehan, urologist and associate professor of Urology & Urologic Oncology at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, use Ceevra’s AI-driven 3D digital models during a telehealth consultation:

Now that we have successfully restarted all surgeries under enhanced safety protocols and continue to schedule your care in a thoughtful manner, we encourage you to seek services when you need them and not delay care.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment in-person or virtually through telehealth, when appropriate.

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