Dr. Timothy Wilson Interviews Returning Mentee, Dr. Ramkishen Narayanan, in his New Role.

In an interview between mentor and mentee, we witness Dr. Timothy Wilson’s ability to form lasting bonds with those he’s taught, elevating healthcare to yet another level, to a legacy of healthcare. Dr. Narayanan is a legacy of Dr. Wilson’s knowledge in the field of urology and urologic diseases.

“As Don Rickles would say, ‘you’re a Cadillac’.”

– Dr. Narayanan to Dr. Wilson

Dr. Narayanan was fellowship-trained under Dr. Wilson at Saint John’s Cancer Institute for two years. One year educated in the surgical practices for complex urologic diseases and cancers established years ago by Dr. Wilson, and the second year in translational research in urologic disease under the tutelage of Dr. Dave Hoon, Director of translational research and genomic sequencing. Separated by three years of practicing in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Narayanan returns to Saint Joseph and Saint John’s to offer a unique approach to urologic care for our surrounding communities.

“All of us look for great things in the future from you. No pressure!”

–Dr. Wilson to Dr. Narayanan

Dr. Narayanan treats patients at Saint Joseph’s in Burbank, and Saint John’s in Santa Monica, California. With the ability to treat at both places, the advantages to his patients are far-reaching. With state-of-the-art technological surgical capabilities, Saint John’s Health Center offers Dr. Narayanan the flexibility to provide his patients with more options while doing his follow-ups in Burbank and maintaining a local attraction in the surrounding communities.

“It’s a good opportunity to become a really strong force in the LA area.”

– Dr. Narayanan

Dr. Narayanan has a vision for the Center for Urologic Health in Burbank, California

Dr. Narayanan’s center is not just focused on men’s health conditions and diseases. As important as urologic health is to men, women also suffer from urologic conditions such as incontinence, kidney stones, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer, to name a few. Women now have the opportunity to have all their health concerns addressed in one place, beyond urology. With a powerful network of centers, women have the ability to cross paths with multiple disciplines in one place.

Dr. Timothy Wilson learns more about Dr. Ramkishen Narayanan's background and interests.
Dr. Timothy Wilson learns more about Dr. Ramkishen Narayanan’s background and interests.
His vision includes outreach to communities of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to provide access to high-level care to those who’ve encountered barriers, whether personal, cultural, societal, or economic.

Not only does he express the need for access to the underprivileged communities surrounding Burbank, but he wishes to nourish a community practice that fosters a healthy relationship with all men. In a society that forces men to hide their vulnerabilities by dismissing their health concerns, Dr. Narayanan’s practice hopes to reconnect men with their needs.

Dr. Narayanan’s practice goes beyond science and medicine and extends to the whole person, irrespective of societal constructs—what you would expect from your physician. “I don’t want patients to feel lost in a system,” Dr. Narayanan says below and means it.

“What strikes me is your passion for health care. The way you manage your patients and interact with them and treat them as family. I really see that here, every day.”

–Dr. Wilson

Listen to Dr. Wilson interview Dr. Narayanan, a Returning Fellow

Timothy Wilson, MD & Ramkishen Narayanan, MD, discuss the Urologic Center for Health in Burbank at Saint John’s Cancer Institute.

Dr. Timothy Wilson is Director, Professor and Chair of Urology and Urologic Oncology Programs at Providence, Saint John’s Cancer Institute, and Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Wilson continues to attract fellows across the nation and the globe to learn how to treat complex urologic diseases and conditions using minimally invasive robotic techniques.

Dr. Ramkishen Narayanan is the Director of Urology and Urologic Oncology for the Center of Urology and Health at Providence, Saint Joseph’s, in Burbank, California.

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