Surviving & Thriving After Breast Cancer

After going through treatment for cancer many patients wonder what, if any, are the next steps in their cancer care. We believe that taking care of your cancer doesn’t end when your direct treatment ends. We believe that you have the right to continued medical follow-up with both the breast cancer team and your primary care provider. All major forms of treatment— surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy—can have unwanted, long-term effects which may impair a person’s health and quality of life in many ways. For many of the 1.4 million individuals who are diagnosed with cancer each year, resuming the routines of work and family life after completing active treatment may be especially challenging. Anxiety over the possibility of cancer recurrence may dominate at this time.

At the Margie Petersen Breast Center, we have specialized follow-up services that focus on health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation, and identification of physical and psychological problems.

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After Breast Cancer (ABC) Clinic

The After Breast Cancer (ABC) Clinic at the Margie Petersen Breast Center provides a place to support you as you move into what a lot of women call their “new normal,” a place to keep up with breast cancer care and treatments, and for dealing with issues unique to survivorship, as you transition to life after breast cancer. The breast health specialists in the ABC clinic are knowledgeable about survivor issues and up to date with current breast health issues. They are available at any time throughout and after your treatment course.

Visits to the ABC clinic may include:

After your breast cancer treatment is finished, the ABC clinic offers the care and services you need with the breast cancer team you know and trust.