Autologous Dendritic Cells Loaded With Autologous Tumor Associated Antigens for Treatment of Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Carcinomas

This is a double-blind study in which approximately 99 study patients will be randomized in a 2:1 ratio to receive either AVOVA-1 or MC. Patients eligible for randomization and treatment will be those (1) who have undergone debulking surgery, (2) for whom a cell line has been established, (3) who have undergone leukapheresis from which sufficient PMBC were obtained, and (4) have an ECOG performance grade of 0 or 1 (Karnofsky score of 70-100%).

The primary endpoint of this trial is death from any cause with the metric of OS from the date of randomization. PFS will be a secondary endpoint and will be calculated as the time from the date of randomization for treatment until subjective tumor progression or death. Progression will be subjectively defined by the treating physician, and is expected to be based on tumor marker levels (e.g. CA-125) and/or imaging. Secondarily, we will also define PFS and OS from the date of debulking surgery.

Patients will be stratified into (1) no evidence of disease (NED) (no measurable or non-measurable disease per RECIST and normal CA-125 levels) or (2) non-NED (measurable or non-measurable disease per RECIST or elevated CA-125 levels).

Site located at Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Location: 181 S. Buena Vista St. , Burbank, CA 91505

For more information contact us at or call (818) 748-4793

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