Oncogenic Pathways Involved in Chemoresistance & Progression of Solid Tumors

Our goal is to identify pathways aberrantly expressed in different tumors types (cutaneous melanoma, breast cancer, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, gastrointestinal tumors, and gliomas) driving progression and resistant to current therapies. We aim to identify specific genes either overactivated or downregulated, and to understand the upstream signaling pathway controlling their activation as well as comprehending the downstream effects on genes. In the last several years, we have focused on different Ubiquitin-ligase and Ubiquilin protein driven oncogenic pathways as well as copy number (1q21.3) changes involved in tumor progression and drug resistance. The research also focuses on identifying different miRNA that are associated with drug resistance and are detectable in the blood as cfmiRNA. We have also started screening patient samples to identify splicing factors that are involved in drug resistance to DNA-damaging drugs.

JWCI Molecular Medicine Oncogenic genes