Lung Cancer, What You Need to Know

Listen to Dr. McKenna, Director, Minimally Invasive Chest Surgery and Thoracic Surgical Oncology, and Professor of Surgery at Saint John’s Cancer Institute in is first podcast with Kym Douglas, hosted by Saint John’s Health Center Foundation’s Your Healthy Dose. 

I looked at 700 of my patients who had lung cancer who had a history of being a former smoker…38% percent of people who were former smokers with lung cancer had gotten lung cancer even though they quit.

–Dr. Robert McKenna

Your Healthy Dose with Kym Douglas

Topics included in this Podcast:

  • Risks as a former smoker
  • Vaping risks and considerations
  • Risks of smoking Marijuana
  • Risks of second-hand smoke
  • What is the danger of radon gas?
  • Screening for those at highest risk
  • 5-year survival rate update for lung cancer
  • Lung cancer and breast cancer treatment
  • Ground glass Opacity (what is it?)
  • Minimally-invasive lung cancer

“I do 95% of my lung operations through little incisions and a TV camera…the mortality rate is lower, the complication rate is lower, patients get home from the hospital faster, the recovery is easier.”

–Dr. Robert McKenna

Video Podcast: Lung Cancer, What You Need to Know

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