Setting the Standard for Cancer Care and Surgical Training in the New Millennium

The Saint John’s Cancer Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center offers a comprehensive set of highly respected postdoctoral training programs, ranging from its ACGME-approved Donald L. Morton, MD Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship, to its clinically oriented Urologic Oncology and Neurosurgical Fellowship and is rounded off with its lab-based Molecular Oncology fellowships.

At the core of all the training programs is a multi-disciplinary approach to complex cancer care. Fellows receive training in surgical, medical and radiation oncology. All trainees are exposed to basic science research, translational research and clinical trials and many continue a collaborative research career to complement their clinical practice after completion of the fellowship program. There are many resources available to the fellows to allow them to mold their experience to their clinical and research interests. Many graduates are now nationally respected academic surgeons in their respective fields.

Fellows have participated in groundbreaking research, presented their findings at national and international meetings, and published their work in national journals. They are learning the latest surgical techniques and treatments in the clinic and, most importantly, they treat our patients with dignity and respect. They truly are the next generation of surgeons.


Saint John’s Cancer Institute Fellows

Fellowship Opportunities

Surgical Oncology
Translational Molecular Medicine

Complex Surgical Oncology Fellowship

With a longstanding history of excellence in multidisciplinary cancer care and education, the institute continues to be a leader in training the next generation of leaders in the field of surgical oncology.

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Urologic Oncology Fellowship

Providing world class, multidisciplinary training in genitourinary malignancies and urologic oncology research with innovative and cutting-edge technology.

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Neurosurgical Fellowship

This training program focuses on endonasal endoscopic and keyhole surgical approaches, neuro-endoscopy, pituitary tumor management and multimodality neuro-oncology treatments.

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Postdoctoral Lab-Based Translational Molecular Medicine Fellowship

As pioneers in translational studies on “liquid biopsies” involving circulating tumor cells in multiple types of solid tumors, the fellowship program also consists of studying epigenetic mechanisms regulating solid tumor as well as pharmacogenomics and immunogenomic based prediction of response to therapy.

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