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A Head & Neck Center of Excellence

The Head & Neck Center of Excellence at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, collaborating with Pacific Head & Neck of the Pacific Neuroscience Institute, is well supported by clinical experts and researchers working together to develop the most effective and patient-specific treatment plans. Through our multidisciplinary team approach, our goal is to provide individualized and compassionate care, applying innovative methods and best-practice models that demonstrate improved outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer.

“We prioritize quality of life and patient-centered decision making.”

Our Approach

We are leaders in head and neck cancer care.

At Pacific Neuroscience Institute, we offer a comprehensive program for head and neck tumors, including HPV-related, sarcoma, sinus and skull base, eye, ENT, and facial nerve, skin, oral cavity, and throat.  We incorporate the many resources of Providence Saint John’s Cancer Institute for the benefit of patients with head and neck cancer, offering a personalized approach to cancer care with an emphasis on quality-of-life outcomes. Our team of experts are uniquely qualified to handle the most complex head and neck tumors. 

We specialize in minimally-invasive techniques and state-of-the-art reconstruction leveraging a unified, highly collaborative team approach. We utilize the innovative technologies including robotic and laser surgery, image-guided radiosurgery, intraoperative nerve monitoring, and virtual surgical planning.  Our team is also engaged in clinical trials at the institute including collaborating with specialists in the immunotherapy program for advanced tumors affecting the head and neck.

Dr. Evan Walgama explains the care approach of the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Excellence at Saint John’s Cancer Institute.

Your Head and Neck Cancer Team

We are making a difference and we prove it every day.

As a multi-disciplinary team, we treat patients from the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, and look forward to providing you and your family additional information and support.

The Pacific Neuroscience Institute was designated as North American Skull Base Society Multidisciplinary Team of Distinction for 2021
The Pacific Neuroscience Institute was designated as North American Skull Base Society Multidisciplinary Team of Distinction for 2021

Treatments & Services

Surgical Oncology*

  • Transoral robotic and laser surgery
  • Salivary gland surgery with facial nerve monitoring
  • Evaluation of suspicious lesions
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, and Targeted Agents.
  • * For a complete list of services, please visit pacificneuroscienceinstitute.org

Facial Plastics and Reconstruction

  • Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer (bone and soft tissue reconstruction)
  • Reanimation for Facial Paralysis
  • Aesthetic and Functional Reconstructive surgery

Rehabilitation and Psycho-oncology

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Services
  • Speech and Swallowing
  • Psychosocial support
  • Audiology

How to Schedule a Consultation

You can arrange a consultation or virtual visit with a head and neck specialist by visiting PNI.org.

Dr Griffith ENT Patient Examination

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Dr. Evan Walgama has published and co-authored many articles relating to Otolaryngology. See full list at NIH.gov

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