About Our Program

The department of Translational Molecular Medicine has trained over 70 M.D. and Ph.D fellows, and has graduated 6 Ph.D’s. The department concentrates on innovative translational approaches in molecular oncology and is well known for its pioneering translational studies on “liquid biopsies” involving circulating tumor cells (CTC), as well as cell-free nucleic acids (cfNA) assessment in multiple types of solid tumors.

Current program directions consist of studying epigenetic mechanisms regulating solid tumor progression that includes primary and metastatic brain tumors, as well as pharmogenomic and immunogenomic based prediction of response to therapy. The department has strong collaborative relationships with academic institutes and pharma/biotech industries with oncology programs globally, and its past fellows have had a remarkable publication record in translational molecular oncology.


Prospective Fellows

Our department has a long history of training fellows; over one hundred U.S. and international fellows have completed our program. We are currently accepting applications for postdoctoral and senior postdoctoral fellowship positions [PhD, MD/PhD, MD]. Applicants must be experienced in the field of translational molecular biology for solid tumors, particularly in translational genomics/epigenomics cancer studies. We accept both domestic and international applicants.

How to Apply

Please submit a CV and cover letter summarizing your research experience and scientific interests, via email, to: Dave.Hoon@providence.org. The email subject should be entitled “Application for Postdoctoral/Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship Position”