Somayeh Meysami, MD - Clinical Research Scientist
Assistant Professor of Neurosciences, Department of Translational Neurosciences

Somayeh Meysami, MD

Clinical Research Scientist, Pacific Brain Health Center

Somayeh Meysami, MD is an Assistant Professor of Neurosciences at Saint John’s Cancer Institute. She is also a Clinical Research Scientist at the Pacific Brain Health Center, Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI), in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Meysami is a physician-scientist with extensive clinical research experience in cognitive and behavioral neurology. She was mentored by Dr. Mario Mendez while completing a postdoctoral clinical research fellowship in behavioral neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Her training included quantitative neuroimaging techniques, specifically MR volumetry in neurobehavioral disorders.

Dr. Meysami’s work has been widely published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Findings from her research integrate quantitative MRI towards a better understanding of traumatic brain injury, bilingualism, early and late onset Alzheimer’s disease, and frontotemporal dementia. Her current work focuses on translating advanced longitudinal neuroimaging to direct patient care and applying MR volumetry to expand knowledge of modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.