Our multidisciplinary supportive care research is focused on improving healthcare for patients and their caregivers.

Through innovative research, we aim to prevent and identify common cancer patient symptoms and find treatment options that will enhance patient and caregivers quality of life.

Vision Statement

Our supportive care research team will be at the forefront of delivering meaningful improvements in the care of patients with cancer and their caregivers.

Mission Statement

Advance the care of patients and their caregivers through data-informed interventions.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Address unmet needs of patients and their caregivers.
  2. Deliver significant and clinically meaningful interventions informed by evidence.
  3. Facilitate improved quality and efficiency of clinical programs.

Partnership and Collaboration

One of our core functions is to develop and coordinate comprehensive research in quality of life and health outcomes by promoting collaboration, mobilizing partnerships and synergizing efforts with different institutions, organizations, and individuals to respond to gaps in practice and clinical challenges.

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Current Research Topics

We understand that caring for a loved one with cancer can be challenging and rewarding, but you are not alone. Learn more about our research topics and how you can best support the mind, body and spirit of a family member or loved one going through cancer.

Our research topics include:

  • Family Caregiving
  • Quality of Life
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Young Adult Cancer
  • Geriatric Cancer
  • Nursing Science and Practice