Study of Safety and Pharmacokinetic Properties of Oral OKN-007 in Patients With Recurrent High-Grade Glioma

This is a phase 1 open-label, multicenter study to investigate tolerability, safety and PK properties of oral OKN-007 in patients with recurrent high-grade glioma.

This phase 1 open-label study is based on the traditional 3+3 design following the initial single-participant cohort to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD). Eligible participants will be enrolled each of the cohorts with escalated dose levels and administered the study drug OKN-007 orally daily in 28-day cycles: Cohort 1, Cohort 2, Cohort 3, Cohort 4. Participants may receive study treatment up to 2 years or until tumor progression, unacceptable toxicity, death, or patient withdrawal. The safety and pharmacokinetic properties of oral OKN-007 will be investigated.

Inclusions/Exclusions: Confirmed recurrent gliomas that were originally diagnosed as high-grade glioma (World Health Organization [WHO] Grade 3 or 4; astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, or glioblastoma) by histopathology or molecular studies.
Have received treatment within the last 28 days with a drug that has not received regulatory approval for any indication at the time of study registration.

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