Outcomes of Cutaneous Melanoma Patients Clinically Tested with DecisionDx®-Melanoma: A Prospective Registry (CONNECTION PRO)

While previous studies have demonstrated a significant difference in metastatic risk for patients with Class 1 and Class 2 tumor biology, evaluation of DecisionDx®-Melanoma in a large prospective cohort of clinically tested patients would allow for a broad analysis of the test performance, prognostic accuracy in AJCC substages, and clinical, pathological and molecular integration. Therefore, the goal of this study is to determine outcomes for patients who are clinically evaluated with DecisionDx®-Melanoma. This expanded data set will allow for an extensive analysis of the prognostic value of DecisionDx®-Melanoma in all patients. Further, creation of a biobank for residual sample storage for patients clinically tested with DecisionDx®-Melanoma will expedite multiple avenues of melanoma research both at Castle Biosciences, Inc (CBI) and at other centers through future collaborations.