Study of Chemotherapy Plus Ipatasertib for People With Solid Tumors With AKT Mutations, A ComboMATCH Treatment Trial

This phase II ComboMATCH treatment trial tests the usual treatment of chemotherapy (paclitaxel) plus ipatasertib in patients with solid tumor cancers that that cannot be removed by surgery (unresectable), has spread to nearby tissue or lymph nodes (locally advanced) or from where it first started (primary site) to other places in the body (metastatic), and has an AKT genetic change. Chemotherapy drugs, such as paclitaxel, work in different ways to stop the growth of tumor cells, either by killing the cells, by stopping them from dividing, or by stopping them from spreading. Targeted therapy, such as Ipatasertib, may stop the growth of tumor cells by blocking some of the enzymes needed for cell growth. The addition of ipatasertib to paclitaxel in solid tumors with an AKT genetic change could increase the percentage of tumors that shrink as well as lengthen the time that the tumors remain stable (without progression). Researchers hope to learn if paclitaxel plus ipatasertib will shrink this type of cancer or stop its growth.

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