Testing the Role of FDG-PET/​CT to Predict Response to Therapy Prior to Surgery for HER2-positive Breast Cancer, The DIRECT Trial

Neoadjuvant HER2+ Breast Cancer

This phase II trial tests how well an imaging procedure called fludeoxyglucose F-18 (FDG) positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) works in predicting response to standard of care chemotherapy prior to surgery in patients with HER2-positive stage IIa-IIIc breast cancer. FDG is a radioactive tracer that is given in a vein before PET/CT imaging and helps to identify areas of active cancer. PET and CT are imaging techniques that make detailed, computerized pictures of areas inside the body. The use of FDG-PET/CT may help doctors better decide if a patient needs more or less treatment before surgery in order to get the best response. This study evaluates whether FDG-PET/CT is useful in predicting a patient’s response to standard of care chemotherapy.

ECOG: 0-1
Must be PD-L1 negative
Stable brain mets allowed
No prior tx w/CD47 or signal reg. targeting agents

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