Clinical trials are research studies that are designed to evaluate experimental treatments and procedures. Most advances in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with cancer have occurred because of clinical trials.

Fill out the form below to speak with our team for more information about participating in a clinical trial.

This form is for anyone that would like more information about participating in one of the current or upcoming clinical trials conducted at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute. Healthcare professionals and trial sponsors may contact us via this form as well.

Each clinical trial has a specific treatment plan with specific eligibility criteria. These criteria differ from study to study, but usually are based on age, sex, type/stage of cancer, medical history, and current health status. Also, participation in a trial requires the ability to travel to the clinical trial center (in this case, the Saint John’s Cancer Institute).

Your contact information will allow our clinical staff to respond and determine which of our current or upcoming trials may be appropriate for you.  A member of our care team will contact you to discuss your eligibility.

If you are interested in a clinical trial, or would like more information.  Please call the local phone number available on each trial.  Trials must be active to participate. See example here.