Hyo K. Park, M.D. - Gynecologic Oncologist, Women’s Health and Wellness Institute, Providence Saint John's Health Center
Gynecologic Oncologist

Hyo K. Park, MD

Women’s Health and Wellness Institute

Treatment of gynecologic cancer often requires a combination of surgery and medical therapy, such as chemotherapy and novel
targeted therapy. Dr. Park is a Gynecologic Oncology specialist who is uniquely trained and experienced in offering both surgical and
medical treatments for a wide breadth of gynecologic cancers and pelvic health issues. She is deeply committed to empowering her
patients and their loved ones through compassionate and individualized therapy and education. The goal of her work is not only to help her patients achieve better survival but also to restore their hope and dignity.

Outside of the OR, Dr. Park’s natural habitat is her garage where she can be found working on her latest woodworking projects. She loves to be in nature and always looks forward to encountering wildlife while hiking, paddle boarding, or scuba diving.

Languages: English and Korean

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Dr. Park shares her care approach, specialties, and why she chose to come to Saint John's Health Center.

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