Lisa Beedle
Physician Assistant

Lisa Stern, P.A.

Gynecologic Oncology

My name is Lisa Stern and I am a USC trained Physician Assistant. I joined Dr. Vasilev’s team in March 2017 because I believe in an integrative and multi-disciplinary approach in treating gynecologic cancers. Some of my contributions to the team include responding to patient phone calls and emails; coordinating imaging, labs, referrals, and appointments; informing patients of laboratory and imaging results; rounding on patients post-operatively; assisting Dr. Vasilev in surgery and clinic; coordinating the resident program; and facilitating research at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute. Soon, I will be Hearth Math certified and will conduct workshops alongside Becky Crane-Okada. Since joining St. John’s gynecologic, oncology, integrative team, I feel I have found my true calling.