Dr. Kim Margolin, Director of Medical Oncology, and Professor of Medical Oncology at Saint John’s Health Center and Saint John’s Cancer Institute Discusses Vaccines in Stage 4 Melanoma on ABC7 News.

Dr. Kim Margolin, on May 15, 2023, is featured in a news story for ABC7 and informs viewers of the mRNA vaccine breakthrough in melanoma. “It is one of the first cancer directed vaccines that appears to show activity against melanoma. Right now, in melanoma we are getting a pretty good break through.”

Brett was diagnosed 4 years ago with Spindle Cell Stage 4 Melanoma. His severe back pain led him to seek treatment. He was put on Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug, and radiation treatment. 6 months later, he was in remission. Dr. Margolin reports, “it’s based on a patients’ individual mutations in their own melanoma.”

Denise Dador, reporter for ABC7, quotes Margolin in one set-back for these types of vaccines, ‘Personalized vaccines still require a lengthy time to produce.’

Listen to Dr. Kim Margolin on ABC7 Eyewitness News 05/15/2023

ABC7 NEWS: Dr. Kim Margolin, Medical Director of SJCI Melanoma Program at Providence Saint John’s in Santa Monica, discusses vaccines related to melanoma treatment.

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