What you should know about Prostate Cancer

Listen to Doctor’s Mehran Movassaghi, Director of Men’s Health, and Timothy Wilson, Chair of Urology and Urologic Oncology and Director of Urology and Urologic Oncology Research Program, in their first podcast on prostate cancer, hosted by Saint John’s Health Center Foundation’s Your Healthy Dose. 

Men are notoriously bad for taking care of themselves. –Dr. Wilson

Your Healthy Dose with Kym Douglas

Topics included in this Podcast:

  • Treatment
  • Preventability
  • Screening
  • Misconceptions of sexual function after a radical prostatectomy
  • The role of genetics in diagnosis
  • Men’s diet
  • PSA blood tests
  • Emerging data
  • Surgery–laser, and robotic
  • HiFu – Focal One
  • Gleason scores
  • Their personal journey’s to becoming pioneering urologists.

“Genetic testing let’s us see how the cancer is acting; is aggressive or not? The Gleason score let’s us see the biology of the cancer; has it spread to other parts of the body?” –Dr. Movassaghi

Podcast: What you should know know about prostate cancer

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