Saint John’s Cancer Institute’s researchers address global challenges in the fight against cancer

Research provides objective understanding in the world of oncology.

The result of our ongoing research informs our policies and procedures to ensure the fields in oncology move forward, safely. A visage of those findings is captured in our patient vignettes; where complex cases are portrayed in their struggles to overcome cancer, while relying on a team of experts. These experts are surgeons, nurses, therapists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, scientists, clinical chemists, geneticists, and their respective support program administrators.

Saint John’s Cancer Institute forms a niche enclave of diverse practitioners and researchers looking for effective ways to improve medicine, and by that, the lives of cancer patients.

In the 2023 research report, we share the findings of their research: be that validating a treatment, assessing methods, or quantifying the use of technology. They continue to elevate the body of work in their respective fields.

A single study usually uncovers only a piece of a larger puzzle.

Progress in 2023 covered breast cancer, melanoma and cutaneous skin cancer, brain cancer and metastasis, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, alcohol disorders, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, genetic screenings, use of psychedelics in neuro-oncology, translational sciences, and solid tumors. In total, they published 92 peer-reviewed studies developed by 47 clinicians and scientists, working across several specialties.

Our surgical oncology and research fellows participate in this exceedingly collaborative environment. With the support of their mentors, they pursued their own research.

Thank you to our researchers, clinicians, fellows-in-training, and administrators. Through you, we are honored to be part of the impact you are making.

2023 SJCI Faculty Researchers - Saint John's Cancer
2023 SJCI Faculty Researchers – Saint John’s Cancer Institute

The more research we can do, the more our patients can do with their lives.

These advances, together, are going to take us to the end of cancer. The work that these people are doing is going to determine when that day is.

– Dr. Neil Martin, Medical Director, Saint John’s Cancer Institute, and Neurosurgeon.

This report shows our collaborative aspects of translational oncology research with cancer centers around the world, demonstrating our continual devotion to improving patient care and finding innovative approaches to curing cancer.

-Dr. Dave SB Hoon, Director of SJCI Translational Research

…in finding a cure for cancer I promise you that there will be a direct correlation in finding a cure to cancer to philanthropy.

-Michael Ricks, CEO & President of Saint John’s Health Center and Cancer Institute

SJCI 2023 Research Report
Saint John’s Cancer Institute 2023 Research Report – Faculty Publications

Download the Saint John’s Cancer Institute Research Spotlight 2023, 2023 Research Publications

Cutting-edge research is possible through grants and your donations.

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