To pay tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness, the Saint John’s Health Center is lit pink at night for the entire month of October.

To the survivors, to the fallen, to the supporters, to the loved ones, and to the hero’s, Saint John’s Health Center shines light to the heavens in honor.

For those who want to acknowledge breast cancer survivors, loved ones who have passed on, supporters and hero’s alike, out front in the Mullin Gardens, or to the left of the entrance in the Rose Gardens, are peaceful sitting areas. The pink lights turn on at sunset every evening until the end of October, all of which wouldn’t be possible without the Saint John’s engineering team who went above and beyond to ensure every technical element was taken care of.

Breast cancer, like any cancer, is a life-changing disease, and it affects nearly 1 in 8 women in the United States and 1 in 1,000 men.

“When I see the pink that surrounds us, I see the amazing people at the Margie Peterson Center. Through the threat of riots, and through the threat of COVID, we are still working hard to give care to the patients struggling through breast cancer,” said Dr. Grumley, Breast Surgical Oncologist, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology, and Director of Margie Petersen Breast Center. Dr. Grumley said in an interview earlier this month, “Innovation is the ability to make things better.”2

How are Saint John’s Centers leading innovation in breast cancer treatments?

With breast cancer clinical trials actively conducted across the street at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, alongside cutting-edge technologies practiced at Saint John’s Health Center, channeled through a multidisciplinary team of experts at the Margie Peterson Breast Center, Saint John’s Center’s combine research data, clinical best practices, and specialists, to lead breast cancer innovation in patient care.

What are the breast cancer clinical trials being carried out at Saint John’s Cancer Institute?

The following are breast cancer clinical trials:

  1. Optimizing Endocrine Therapy Through Motivational Interviewing and Text Interventions
  2. ARM: Axillary Reverse Mapping – A Prospective Trial to Study Rates of Lymphedema and Regional Recurrence After Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Followed by Axillary Lymph Node Dissection With and Without Axillary Reverse Mapping
  3. BETA-PRIME: A Phase I, First in Human, Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of AdAPT-001 in Subjects with Refractory Solid Tumors.
  4. A Prospective Registry Study to Evaluate the Effect of the DCISionRT Test on Treatment Decisions in Patients with DCIS Following Breast Conserving Therapy.
  5. Perioperative Pain Management Strategies in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
  6. Clinical implementation of a polygenic risk score (PRS) for breast cancer: impact on risk estimates, management recommendations, clinical outcomes, and patient perception
  7. A Phase 1 Study of AGEN1181, an Fc-Engineered Anti–CTLA-4 Monoclonal Antibody in Subjects With Advanced Cancer
  8. A Phase 1/1b Study of MPT-0118 as Monotherapy and in Combination with Pembrolizumab in Subjects with Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors

Which treatments are being performed at Saint John’s Health Center to advance breast cancer therapeutics?

With a combination of surgical, medical, radiation treatments, and breast reconstruction, Saint John’s Health Center utilizes innovative technologies to advance the treatment of breast cancer in:

  • Oncoplastic Surgery
  • Mastectomy & Lumpectomy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Biologic Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Endocrine Therapy
  • External Beam Radiation Therapy
  • Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
  • Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
  • Breast Reconstruction

Who are the specialists at the Margie Petersen Breast Center?

Learn more about the Margie Petersen Breast Center’s team, encompassing surgeons, medical oncologist, radiologists, nurse navigators, and imaging experts.


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  2. Grumley, Janie. Interview. Conducted by Saint John’s Health Center, 1, October 2021.

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