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Qi Gong, pronounced Chee-gong

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Qi stands for one’s life force or energy. Gong means to cultivate. Qi Gong is a traditional form of Chinese medicine and has been in practice for thousands of years. It is a low impact, mind-body practice that integrates meditation with movement. The effects of Qi Gong have been shown to produce positive effects on physical, psychosocial, and quality of life. *Benefits of Qi Gong include improvement in fatigue and flexibility while decreasing levels of anxiety and distress. Cancer survivors and their caregivers please join us to cultivate energy and experience this ancient healing art.

Rebecca Campo, et al., “Levels of fatigue and distress in senior prostate cancer survivors enrolled in a 12 week randomized controlled trial of Qi Gong” Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 2014 March 8(1), 60-69.

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