Center for Endocrine Tumors and Disorders

The Center for Endocrine Tumors and Disorders offers comprehensive, personalized care to patients including children of older age, adolescents, and adults.  We treat a variety of endocrine conditions including thyroid cancer and nodules, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis and other bone disorders.  We also specialize in adrenal tumors, PCOS, and medicine for the transgender community.  We welcome you and your family to our center of excellence and we are ready to support you every step of the way.

“We are a comprehensive, multidisciplinary endocrine and oncology treatment provider with immediate access to scientific research and programs.”

Clinical Excellence and Improved Quality of Life

Our care team understands that each case is unique, while we treat every patient with dignity and compassion. We understand the challenges of coping with cancer and other life-changing decisions, and we are ready to guide you every step of the way. With an outcomes-based approach and our multi-disciplinary team, we work to develop the most optimal treatment plan for you based on your needs and the input of many of our oncologists, pathologists, and scientists. clinical excellence is our commitment to you.

Saint John’s Cancer Institute offers a comprehensive approach to melanoma treatment with extensive patient supportive services.

“I was able to talk to a melanoma surgeon and radiation oncologist the same day. Knowing my options made all the difference for me.” -J.R.

“Thank you Dr. Essner and Dr. Fischer. You put my mind at ease.” -J.G.

“Dr. Wollman is one of the best. My radiation treatment was exactly as he described and was really easy. The therapists there are amazing.” -Rob

Our experience and research in melanoma are unmatched.

A History of Innovation and Collaboration

Cutaneous Research Team - Saint John's Cancer Institute
The Cutaneous Research Team at Saint John’s Cancer Institute works with our treating clinicals to promote care excellence.

For more than 40 years, the Center for Melanoma, Skin and Soft Tissue Tumors has maintained clinical excellence, pioneering melanoma treatment under the leadership of the late Dr. Donald J. Morton—renowned cancer surgeon and melanoma researcher. The clinical trials at Saint John’s Cancer institute are multi-national, involving dozens of academic and industry organizations that work together to develop solutions and therapeutics.

With highly advanced translational laboratories on site, our researchers and scientists can quickly identify patterns of cancer recurrence at the genetic and molecular level, which gives our clinicians greater insight to develop the most optimal treatment plans. Additionally, our immunology program works to understand how cancer cells evade treatment, which helps to promote targeted therapies specific to the biology of the patient.