The Saint John’s Cancer Institute in Los Angeles is the first center in California to utilize Ceevra’s 3D surgical planning application as standard practice for patients undergoing a radical or partial nephrectomy (surgical removal of a kidney).

About Ceevra

Ceevra converts a patient’s standard black-and-white CT scan or MRI into a brilliant, interactive, multi-color 3D digital image that provides surgeons with finer detail and a true 3D visualization to help guide decisions on the type of surgery and surgical approach. The Ceevra 3D digital images, optimized for viewing from mobile devices and in virtual reality, helps surgeons plan and perform complex operations, and helps patients better understand their condition and proposed course of treatment with a clear visual of their tumor.

Learn How Ceevra is Used

Dr. Jennifer Linehan, urologist, and associate professor of Urology and Urologic Oncology at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, uses Ceevra’s Advanced mobile 3D Imaging to view patients CT and MRI scans as a 3D model to not only plan and perform complex operations, but to also help kidney cancer patients better understand their condition and proposed course of treatment.

Watch our video to learn more about this groundbreaking technology:

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