Aquablation is a next-generation, minimally invasive surgical therapy that provides long-lasting symptom relief with low rates of complications, regardless of prostate size or shape.

Beginning at the age of 40, most men will experience Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous condition in older males involving natural enlargement of the prostate gland. BPH will, over time, obstruct urine flow and cause urination problems such as incontinence, pain due to pressure in the bladder, and voiding dysfunction. Diagnosing BPH can include a cystoscopy, and treatments for BPH include aquablation, UroLift®, or medications, such as alpha-blockers.

Voiding Dysfunction (VD) can be caused by BPH, and it refers to difficulty urinating such as incomplete emptying of the bladder or a weak urine stream. Urinary Incontinence (UI) is the involuntary leakage of urine. Learn more about BPH here.

How does aquablation relieve UI and VD symptoms?

Aquablation uses image-guided, heat-free, automated robotic therapy for BPH. It combines intraoperative ultrasound imaging with cystoscopy visualization to provide a 3D view of the treatment area. Aquablation destroys the necessary tissue without affecting any surrounding tissues that are responsible for continence or sexual function. Learn more about aquablation.

How has the quality of men’s lives improved from aquablation?

Men have seen drastic results in their quality of life. With shorter recovery time, the complete alleviation of urgency and frequency, the restoration of adequate urine flow, no need for another procedure for 10 to 15 years, a procedure customized based according to one’s specific prostate structure, and, retention of sexual function; men’s lives have been completely restored from an aquablation procedure.

Is aquablation right for you?

Probably, because of its less-invasive nature. You can learn a great deal by listening to real patients, such as Dale and Emil; two smiling men who opted for aquablation after years of using other methods to treat their urination issues.

Dale Huss

Dale Huss is a 75-year-old gentleman. He had, like many others with BPH, trouble with urinating. Dale has been seeing Dr. Movassaghi for 10 years, a men’s health specialist in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Movassaghi initially used alpha-blockers to treat Dale’s voiding dysfunction, followed by a UroLift 2-3 years ago. Once aquablation became available to Saint John’s Health Center, Dr. Movassaghi began recommending it to Dale.

“I feel like I’m 18 again.”

-Dale Huss

Dale’s procedure was performed 5 months ago and he recommends it to everyone. “For total freedom and health again, it’s not too bad going through some pain.” Dale no longer goes in for his regular urinating exams, and only visits Dr. Movassaghi for his yearly cancer screenings, as is fitting for men of his age, as cancer is mostly an environmentally and age-related disease.

Listen to Dale’s treatment Journey with Aquablation!

Dale Huss interviews with Saint John’s Cancer Institute in the Gloria and Jimmy Stewart Rose Garden at Saint John’s Health Center, Providence.

Emil Kalil, PhD

Emil, a geochemist, was treated 5 years ago with TURP, Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, for his benign prostatic hyperplasia. Because the prostate tends to enlarge over time, previous procedures for BPH would alleviate symptoms though none are truly protracted. In May of 2023, Dr. Movassaghi performed aquablation on Emil, a procedure with lasting results, which Emil highly recommends, “I recommend to it all my friends,” and, “compared to what the pain you would go through by not having the procedure, it far outweighs the day it takes to do the procedure.”

“I can pee now without having a full bladder…, ‘you got to go, you got to go.’ I can avoid that at any time now. So, it’s a pleasure.”

-Emil Kalil

Listen to Emil discuss the Aquablation procedure in detail!

Emil Kalil interviews with Saint John’s Cancer Institute in the Gloria and Jimmy Stewart Rose Garden at Saint John’s Health Center, Providence.

Emil’s and Dale’s Care Team!

Dr. Mehran Movassaghi – Assistant Professor of Urology at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, and Director of Men’s Health at Providence Saint John’s Health Center, oversees men’s health conditions, treatment plans, and surgeries. He works alongside a team of experts at the Urology Center of Excellence.

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