Translating Innovative Science into Compassionate, Patient-Centric Care

Saint John’s Cancer Institute is renowned for advancing therapeutics, translational science, and establishing standards of care. We foster robust fellowship programs, implement and initiate clinical trials, and collaborate with academic and industry partners worldwide.

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Innovation Starts Here

Saint John’s Cancer Institute (SJCI) is a pioneer in drug discovery, therapeutics, clinical trials, and research. SJCI established the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy under the late Dr. Donald L. Morton, which has become the standard of lymph node care for melanoma and breast cancer worldwide.

Today, our patients continue to have access to innovative treatments, therapeutics, and trials. We are at the forefront of understanding the biology of cancer as well as expanding treatment for under-served communities.

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White Button Mushroom Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

A novel approach aimed at early prostate cancer progression – Saint John’s Cancer Institute is now enrolling patients for this trial.

“We have had prior evidence that it may have anti-cancer activity in patients with early-stage prostate cancer.”

– Przemyslaw Twardowski, M.D., Principal Investigator

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Dr. Santosh Kesari, Principal Investigator, Oversees Open Neurological & Brain Cancer Clinical Trials

Dr. Santosh Kesari of the Pacific Neuroscience Institute is the principal investigator for more than a dozen clinical trials, of which 8 are brain tumor-related.

Dr. Kesari is the Chair and Professor of the Department of Translational Neuro-oncology and Neurotherapeutics at Saint John’s Cancer Institute.

BLOG: Clinical Trials for Patients with Brain Tumors and Diseases in Santa Monica, California


RFA Patient Successfully Shrinks Her Benign Thyroid Nodule

As a new outpatient procedure that avoids the need for surgery, Catherine explains how Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) has worked for her, preserving her thyroid, and shrinking her 4cm benign cyst to the point where it is no longer visible.

BLOG & VIDEO (5:30): Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA): A Patient Testimonial

Catherine shares her experience receiving RFA treatment

New Precision Medicine Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Open, and Actively Recruiting

Dr. Parvin Peddi, Director of Breast Medical Oncology and Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, is the Principal Investigator in 4 New, Targeted Therapy Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer.

BLOG: New Precision Medicine Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Open, and Actively Recruiting.

Dr. Parvin Peddi - Saint Johns Cancer Institute

What is it like to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Mark Perzely was diagnosed with small-cell carcinoma—a rare and aggressive cancer that developed in his bladder.

“Once small-cell spreads, it won’t stop, and there are no approved treatments,” according to Mark’s video testimonial.

Read more about Mark’s story and listen to his outlook several years after the trial.

BLOG & VIDEO (5:43): What is it like to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Mark Perzely, small-cell carcinoma survivor

Providence Saint John’s Health Center contributes $2 million to Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team’s Effort to Reduce Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Co-leading the Dream Team is Dr. Anton Bilchik

“This team has a tremendous opportunity to create solutions that can be used as national models for integrated colorectal cancer outreach and screening.”

– Anton Bilchik, M.D.

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Anton J. Bilchik, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, FACS - Saint Johns Cancer Institute

A Legacy of Research Excellence

“He was ahead of his peers in anticipating the genetics era of cancer research, for decades he carefully maintained archival specimen resource for correlative translational studies.”

– Laura Morton Rowe, Chief Human Resources Officer, Saint John’s Health Center

OVERVIEW & VIDEO (18:43): Learn more about the Donald L. Morton Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship.

Donald L. Morton Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship - Saint John's Cancer Institute

Fellowship Programs

Breast Surgical Oncology
Surgical Oncology
Translational Molecular Medicine

Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship

The Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute provides a diverse and comprehensive exposure to the multidisciplinary aspects of breast cancer care and benign breast disease over a one-year time period with a potential second year for continuation of clinical or basic science research.


Donald L. Morton Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship

With a longstanding history of excellence in multidisciplinary cancer care and research, the Saint John’s Cancer Institute continues its legacy in surgical oncology through the Donald L. Morton Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship.

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Neurosurgical Fellowship

This training program focuses on endonasal endoscopic and keyhole surgical approaches, neuro-endoscopy, pituitary tumor management and multimodality neuro-oncology treatments.

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Postdoctoral Lab-Based Translational Molecular Medicine Fellowship

As pioneers in translational studies on “liquid biopsies” involving circulating tumor cells in multiple types of solid tumors, the fellowship program also consists of studying epigenetic mechanisms regulating solid tumor as well as pharmacogenomics and immunogenomic based prediction of response to therapy.

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Urologic Oncology Fellowship

Providing world class, multidisciplinary training in genitourinary malignancies and urologic oncology research with innovative and cutting edge technology.

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