“I am blessed to have Dr. Steven Vasilev as my surgeon. He is a compassionate medical professional who surrounds himself with a great team. I had robotic surgery and my healing is going very well. He continues to direct my ongoing after surgery treatment program and for that I am immensely grateful.”

Gynecologic cancer patient

“Seventeen years ago after being told a third ovarian cancer surgery was impossible, I was introduced to Dr. Vasilev. He thoroughly evaluated my medical history, health, scans and labs, and gave me confidence that my surgery would be successful. Dr. Vasilev saved my life at that time which allowed me to witness the birth of eight grandchildren through the years.”

Ovarian cancer patient

“I was so fortunate to have Dr. Steven Vasilev. He is an excellent oncologist and his team is exceptional. His knowledge, understanding and expertise on all facets of clinical trials, current chemotherapy drugs as well as his resources and knowledge of Eastern vs. Western medicine has been astounding.

Cervical cancer patient

“Dr. Steven Vasilev MD, Lisa Stern PAC, and Alex make a great excellent caring team! My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Steven Vasilev and his Gynecologic Oncology Institute team for treating my ovarian cancer.”

Ovarian cancer patient