Dr. Janie Grumley, M.D., FACS - Director, Comprehensive Breast Program, Margie Petersen Breast Center
Professor of Surgical Oncology

Janie Grumley, MD, FACS

Breast Surgical Oncologist
Director, Comprehensive Breast Program, Margie Petersen Breast Center

Janie Grumley, M.D., is the Director, Comprehensive Breast Program, Margie Petersen Breast Center. She is a surgical breast oncologist who has expertise in treating patients with breast cancer and benign breast diseases. She specializes in novel treatments such as oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery and intraoperative radiation therapy.

Dr. Grumley found her path in her third year of residency at the University of Southern California when she met a surgical breast oncologist who was transforming breast cancer care with the use of oncoplastic surgery. She was inspired by the difference these techniques made in women’s lives during and after treatment. The use of oncoplastic surgery often eliminated the common deformity women were left with after breast surgery. She decided then that she wanted to dedicate her life to caring for patients with breast cancer and related breast diseases.

After growing up with a grandmother who had a mastectomy, Dr. Grumley knew how deforming and emotionally scarring the operation could be. Dr. Grumley’s extensive experience in oncoplastic surgery allows her to perform cancer surgery using plastic surgery techniques which allow for simultaneous preservation of the esthetics of the breast. Using oncoplastic surgery, Dr. Grumley has published numerous articles showing how this technique reduces the need for mastectomy and the need for re-operations even in patients with large breast cancers. Not only can these techniques preserve the appearance of the breast, she has also shown that these techniques have a lower risk surgical complications.

Dr. Grumley’s favorite part of practicing medicine is meeting patients and their families. She views the patient/surgeon relationship as a unique bond. Unlike with most other types of surgery, the relationship she has with her patients continues over time. Through surgery and follow-ups the bond continues for years. Dr. Grumley feels that nothing is more rewarding than seeing patients doing well years after breast cancer.

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