Title Physician

A Study of Botensilimab (AGEN1181) for the Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

NCT ID : 05529316
Protocol Number : C-800-23
Phase : 2
Location : Santa Monica, Ca
Kim Margolin, M.D.

A Trial to See if the Combination of Fianlimab With Cemiplimab Works Better Than Pembrolizumab for Preventing or Delaying Melanoma From Coming Back After it Has Been Removed With Surgery

NCT ID : 05608291
Protocol Number : R3767-ONC-2055
Phase : 3
Location : Saint John's Cancer Institute
Kim Margolin, M.D.

DecisionDx-Melanoma Impact on Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Decisions and Clinical Outcomes (DECIDE)

Protocol Number : CBI_2019_SLNBprosp_001
Phase : N/A
Location : Santa Monica, CA
Richard Essner, M.D.