Surgery is the Most Common and Effective Treatment for Cancer

Our surgeons are among the most experienced in the country and have helped establish national quality standards for the treatment of cancer. Depending on the stage of your cancer, it may be treated with minimally invasive approaches which result in shorter recovery times and less pain.

Doctors insert a laparoscope — a thin, lighted tube with a camera at its tip — through a tiny incision in the patient’s abdomen to view the liver and surrounding areas.

Many tumors and gastrointestinal organs can be surgically removed, minimally invasive instruments, which can reduce discomfort, speed up recovery time, and reduce the length of stay in the hospital as compared with traditional surgery. Providence Saint Johns’ surgeons were among the first to use laparoscopic techniques in the treatment of liver cancer.

Doctor in surgery

Robotic Surgery

More recently our surgeons have been certified in the use of the robot to further improve the accuracy of the surgery. After small incisions are made and the small camera is inserted, the surgeon sits at a console adjacent to the patient and performs the surgery using very delicate movements. The three dimensional view and dexterity of the equipment allows for excellent visualization.

Similar to laparoscopy, patients undergoing robotic surgery have little pain and shorter recovery times compared with open surgery.

Di Vinci precision surgical tool

Cancer Support

In addition to the expert medical care available from our team of cancer physicians, we offer a host of integrative and wellness services that aim to address the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones throughout the cancer journey.