Comprehensive Approach

The Margie Petersen Breast Center offers treatment for benign breast disease as well as a comprehensive approach to the detection and management of cancer in its earliest forms. The program provides patients with breast cancer screening, breast health education, and prevention strategies through its Breast Health Clinic. Additionally the Center provides interdisciplinary care for patients with complex problems in breast cancer. Patients are evaluated for multimodality treatment (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and/or hormonal therapy) by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and nurses. The program approaches the patient as a whole person and includes dedicated breast imaging, breast pathology, breast radiation oncology, surgical oncology, medical oncology, nutritional counseling, psychosocial support, plastic and reconstructive surgery, community service and outreach, and research.

Margie Pettersen Breast Center and women

The Willow Sage Sanctuary and Wellness program within the breast center provides integral services for overall wellness and cancer prevention such as nutritional counseling, yoga therapy and stress reduction. With support from Alicia Moore—Grammy Award-winning artist Pink—and the Hart family, the Sanctuary, named for their daughter, is a place of tranquility and healing where patients are empowered to restore their health by renewing their mind, body and spirit.

Cutting-edge research is performed under the umbrella of Saint John’s Cancer Institute, which supports and maintains the laboratories and administrative structure of the breast program. The Margie Petersen Breast Center functions in a unique environment that blends a rigorous academic program with the beauty and efficiency of an extraordinary community hospital, Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

The unique clinical resources of the MPBC and the basic science resources of the Saint John’s Cancer Institute have a proven track record in obtaining NIH and philanthropic support and have made major contributions to the treatment and understanding of breast cancer. The sentinel node biopsy, which has altered breast cancer management throughout the world, was developed at this institution from a philanthropic grant commencing in 1991.

Director, Comprehensive Breast Program, Margie Petersen Breast Center

Janie Grumley, M.D., FACS

Our new Director, Dr. Janie Grumley, specializes in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. This allows women to feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin by providing more breast conservation options. In addition, The Margie Petersen Breast Center strives to care for the whole individual by offering genetic counseling, nutritional counseling, on site radiology imaging, mediation, yoga, social work, and psycho-oncology services.

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Janie Grumley, M.D., FACS