Thyroid Nodule Clinic – ‘One-stop shop’ for thyroid nodule

The thyroid nodule clinic is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive, patient-centered clinic that provides thorough, accurate, efficient same day evaluations of patients referred for thyroid nodules.

Our goal is to best determine if a nodule is benign or malignant, using the safest and most advanced diagnostic services available, and provide each patient with a personalized risk assessment and determine an individual care plan.

  • ‘One-stop shop’ for thyroid nodules
  • All patients will have an ultrasound that same day in clinic performed by Dr Goldfarb. If she determines that your nodule is suspicious or large, she will perform a biopsy that same day in the clinic.
  • You will know the preliminary results of your biopsy the very same day. If needed, an additional biopsy may be performed for molecular testing.
  • Most diagnoses and treatment plans can be handled with one visit to the Thyroid Nodule Clinic