Title Physician

Using Virtual Reality (VR) Models for Preoperative Planning

NCT ID : 03334344
Protocol Number : VR Models

ProSTAR: A Phase 1b/2 Study of CPI-1205, a Small Molecule Inhibitor of EZH2, Combined with Enzalutamide or Abiraterone/Prednisone in Patients with Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

NCT ID : 03480646
Protocol Number : 1205-201
Phase : Ib/II

The Efficacy and Safety of UGN-102 as a Chemoablation Agent in Patients With LG NMIBC at Intermediate Risk of Recurrence

NCT ID : 03558503
Protocol Number : TC-BC-12
Phase : 2

Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Antitumor Activity of GEN-009 Adjuvanted Vaccine

NCT ID : 03633110
Phase : 1 and 2

A Phase II Clinical Trial to Study the Efficacy and Safety of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Subjects with High Risk Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) Unresponsive to Bacillus Camette-Guerin (BCG) Therapy

NCT ID : 02625961
Protocol Number : MK-3475-057 (20160487)
Phase : II

A Platform Study Exploring the Safety, Tolerability, Effects on the Tumor Microenvironment, and Efficacy of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) + INCB Combinations in Advanced Solid Tumors

NCT ID : 02646748
Protocol Number : INCB39110-107 (20160236)
Phase : Ib

ATLAS: A Phase 2, Open-label Study of Rucaparib in Patients with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma

NCT ID : 3397394
Protocol Number : CO-338-085
Phase : II