“Dr. McKenna is kind, personable and an excellent doctor. I recommend him highly.”

Marge Rheuban

“Dr. McKenna is a wonderful doctor. As a patient of Memorial Sloan Kettering for many years I was blessed to find him here in Ali’s Angeles. He is so very kind as is his staff and the level of care and his expertise is the very best. I also want to mention Saint John’s Hospital as I have never before received such incredible attention, understanding and quality of treatment and follow-up. I was very nervous not returning to MSKCC and I have found the same level of excellence here. Thank you.”

Linda Chase

“Dr. McKenna is simply the most amazing doctor/surgeon – words on a Yelp review will not do him justice. This review is long overdue – but better late than never. I will not get in to the personal details – but this man deserves all the awards the world has to offer. He extends and saves lives every day – I mean like really saving the lives of people who would have died. He’s not about the money – he is about the patient – and he is seriously a saint!

Bottom line – if you have found yourself in the position that you are researching for yourself or a loved one – and wondering if this is the right surgeon for you, trust me, this is your guy.”

Stacia S.

“Dr. McKenna is recognized worldwide as a brilliant diagnostician, teacher, lecturer and technical innovator in the field of thoracic (heart and lung) surgery. This man has saved thousands of lives, including mine. He is a compassionate caregiver as well.”

Jeanette G.

“Dr. Robert McKenna performed a surgery for me in 2004 to stop/reduce my excessive sweating on my palms and some on my feet. I am 47 yrs old and after a few days of this surgery, I can confidently say I love this doctor. He’s changed my life from the extreme embarrassments I suffered because the sweating is uncontrollable. I found him in a newspaper article and quickly jumped at contacting this doctor back in 2004. There was no Yelp back then or I did not know about. I write this to hopefully help others with excessive sweating issues. This condition is genetic: my dad has it, I have it, and my niece has it too. Thank you Dr. McKenna, I will never forgot the doctor who’s helped improved my life.”

Kim S.

“Dr. McKenna has been following my care since 2011 when I had lung cancer. He is caring and he really knows his stuff. I keep my doctors at Cedars only because he is there. But now that I know he is going to be working through Saint Johns, I feel even better. He remembers you and your case. Another doctor I saw said he could call McKenna at 2 am and ask him about a patient and he would tell him about that patient’s case with no chart in front of him. That’s a true doctor. Goodbye Cedars and all your doctors. I will find a new primary care doctor at Saint John’s and transfer my care there. That’s how much I respect and believe in Dr. McKenna’s knowledge and care.”

Lu V.